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Urban Line

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Urban + Beach Pools

Urban Exterior is proud to launch organic pools in the GCC. Beach entry swimming pools are the future of pools. Our organic beach pool offers clients a different feel and look when compared to the conventional infinity and overflow swimming pools. Together with our North American suppliers, we have developed our pools to give your residence or commercial project a tropical, organic and original feel. We use high tech pumps and filters to keep your pool chlorine free, as we use the highest quality salt chlorinators and pumps .The water stays crystal clear and we can create pools that resemble a beach. Each swimming pool is completely customizable, with accessories such as outdoor kitchens, gazebos, umbrellas, and even volleyball nets.

Urban + Pools

Our flair is designing and building bespoke pools to suit your landscape ascetics and your practical needs. Our valuable clients have a good sense of what they want so our first step is to fine tune that information to a working design. Your dream pool begins to evolve during the construction and we at Urban Exterior invest time and oversee the smallest details thus providing highly qualified supervision for your swimming pool’s construction. We always uphold and maintain high standards which Urban Exterior’s clients are accustomed to.

Urban + Thatch

Urban Exterior launched Arabian Thatcher’s 5 years ago. The majority of our clients were looking to add the tropical resort-like feel to their house that they experienced on their vacation to Bali or some tropical island. Our skilled team of African thatcher’s creates natural looking thatch gazebos that create bespoke outdoor rooms that act as an extension to your house and create amazing views that are unique.

Urban + Bamboo

Our mission and long term goal is to build all organically in the next 10 years. Bamboo is our tool to create innovative, luxurious structures out of natural materials. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable alternative to timber and steel. Together with our team of experts from Indonesia we are in the process of spearheading Bamboo in the MENA region.

Urban + Fire

Indoor and outdoor fire fixtures add a modern touch to your landscape. We customize all our fire modules to fit tight spaces that we design. We set up automation or manual configuration to control your fire system.

Urban + Vertical Garden

Urban vertical gardens provide our clients user friendly, easy to maintain options for indoor living walls. Vertical gardens always dissolve a boring wall into a tropical oasis in your lobby, kitchen or living room.

Urban Exterior plant modules can be used for small areas or to cover big walls. To complement the living plant walls we also provide moss peat walls.

Urban + Landscape Architecture

Our team of urban landscape designers understands organic designs that complement the Dubai Skyline. Dedicated to quality and detail, conceptual design presentation drawings, detailed construction drawings and specifications are prepared for each project and are carried through to their completion. Urban Exterior is committed to creating unique landscapes with vision and meaning.

Urban + Project Management

Even though Urban Exterior is a design and build company, clients sometimes prefer to appoint us for landscape architecture service and landscape project management especially for projects outside of Dubai. Our team of qualified landscape specialists ensure the clients approved design vision is implemented with strict quality control and deliverable timelines.

Some of our clients

We understand that good design not only creates beautiful spatial experiences but also enhances modern living, a vision Urban Exterior was founded on.

At Urban Exterior, our mission is to collaborate to create a visual retreat, not just structures, and to transcend the standardized typologies and preset criteria of superficial, commercial and residential landscape architecture.