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Swimming Pool

When it comes to building a swimming pool, the majority of our clients are holding an image off the internet or a magazine. Their request is “ we would like you to make this”. Our goal is not to replicate something similar but to keep the DNA of our clients vision and customize a bespoke swimming pool for them. In the United Arab Emirates, our client’s lives are busy and the weather all around the year is good. Our clients want a swimming pool that gives them inviting visuals to retreat from their busy lives.

The properties in UAE have a unique design to them, so it is critical to choose the design of your swimming pool carefully. You cannot have a contemporary themed pool in a house that has a Mediterranean theme. The other key factor in helping our clients in the selection process for their swimming pool is how would they use their swimming pool, will they use their swimming pool for Fitness in mind, family time, entertaining guests or like some of our clients who only want a swimming pool to create views for their indoors.

Urban Exteriors key ingredient of success in designing and building a swimming pool is the selection of our materials. Then comes the artistic dimensions which need to have a practical connection with terrain ie where the sun rises and sets, how to shade the pool naturally with trees for the hot summer months and how to provide the interior of your house with breathtaking views from different rooms.

As a company, we are extremely proud of our achievements in making bespoke swimming pools over the years in Dubai and want our clients to not only enjoy their swimming pool but to enjoy the experience involved in creating their swimming pool.