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Two major key factors to avoid in making a swimming pool

“Urban Exteriors, we deliver bespoke swimming pools in Dubai. We are best Swimming Pool Company in Dubai.”

Once you have made the decision to have a swimming pool as part of your outdoor space the process of the realization of your new swimming pool begins for Urban Exteriors. We ensure that it can converse with the surrounding architecture. Two major key factors to avoid in making a swimming pool which needs to be studied carefully by a professional landscape designer and contractor are the location of your swimming pool and how it complements your other outdoors areas and the practical use for it. You don’t want a swimming pool which was located in the wrong area, as once a pool is made the only way to relocate this investment is to break it and build it again. The other key factor to avoid in constructing a swimming pool is the dreaded word “leakage”. If you have a leak in your swimming pool the cost involved in fixing the leak would be almost the same as building a new swimming pool.

We at Urban Exteriors have been delivering bespoke swimming pools in Dubai, UAE over the years. Our guarantee on all our swimming pools for leakage and functionality ensures that we study every aspect of building your swimming pool. The Urban Exterior swimming pool construction team studies the terrain, the materials required as per site condition and uses high-end mechanical and plumbing fitting to ensure your swimming pool operates immaculately over the years.

The swimming pool design plan should integrate with entertainment and outdoor cooking areas while providing calming tranquil views for your outdoors and indoors in the hot summer months. The lighting in a swimming pool has to be selected and placed in a way where it’s not visible while creating a visual where it also acts as a water feature.

The finishing materials selected for your swimming pool have to be resistant and adaptable to the hot climate in Dubai, UAE. Using the durable materials will keep your swimming pool in good working condition. Besides creating your outdoors space into the ultimate social space for family and friends to spend quality time together, your swimming pool adds value to your house by significantly increasing the value by 25%.

A swimming pool will not cost as much as your house, but we at Urban Exteriors (Swimming Pool Company in Dubai) believe a home should reflect a life well lived with a bespoke outdoor area complete with a swimming pool with the pleasure of creating lasting memories.

Contact Urban Exteriors’ Award winning team in our Dubai Office for the realization of your dream swimming pool and let’s create together.