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Give Your Outdoor Living an Accent with Pergola and Gazebo Constructions

Looking to give your al fresco living a new touch, add a pergola or gazebo in your back yard or garden and define the look of your property. Pergola and gazebo structures are a perfect way to get cool and shaded refuge that is why they are so popular in Dubai. However, since the two structures are not too different from one another therefore people often mix them up. Thus, if you are planning to build Pergola in Dubai or a gazebo in Dubai then, it’s important to first understand the difference between the two. So you can opt for the structure that best suits your area.

A Pergola is usually used to provide shelter to the walkways and seating areas. The typical characteristic of a pergola is its four legged structure and rectangular shape. Another easy way to spot a pergola is its roof that commonly has horizontal wood planks. Also, most of the pergola structures have open and flat roofs. On the other hand, gazebos are usually constructed in octagon or round shape and have a doomed roof that is elevated from the ground by eight systematic pillars.So if you are looking to cover a seating area only then, get in touch with Pergola manufacturers in Dubai.

But if you are looking to create a little dining space in the outdoor then, Gazebo manufacturers in Dubai will build a perfect structure for you. The best thing about the two structures is that whether you opt for pergola in Dubai or gazebo in Dubai they both suit the climate in the region. This is why pergola and gazebo are so common in the parks, homes and hotels in Dubai.

You too can have a pergola in Dubai or gazebo in Dubai. All you need to do is to call or visit Urban Landscape, a leading pergola and gazebo manufacturer in Dubai. The Urban Landscape will build a beautiful pergola or gazebo for you after assessing your requirement and size of your space.