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Zen Gardens of Middle East

Dry landscape or The Japanese rock garden (枯山水 karesansui) are other names for the more commonly used term” zen garden”. The zen garden was born in the 8th century, in replication of the Chinese gardens of the Song Dynasty. The careful arrangement of rocks symbolized a mythical view of Mount Penglai, home of the legendary Eight Immortals.

If a Zen Garden was to be defined it would be one that is totally overt and perceivable with all of our senses. We always advise our clients not only about the visual delight a zen garden offers, but also about the hidden therapeutic benefits of a zen garden. It’s like a beautifully crafted, carefully-placed bonsai tree which offers a soothing experience.

The Zen tradition has evolved into the fabric of an urban lifestyle to a more earthly purpose while keeping the owner connected to the simplicity of this evolving environment. If your intention is to create a calm, tranquil and radiate silence, then a zen garden also known as  “zazen-seki” or “meditation rocks” is a perfect choice, because in their simplicity is an ideal environment for you.

Urban Exteriors has invented a creative element to add to the simplicity of form created by the off-white gravel raked in shapes that provide you with calmness and focus. This is the inclusion of an olive tree known as olea europaea. This tree blends well with the crafted ficus bonsai also known as ficus retusa which are the resident plant in a zen garden. Since there is a shortage of natural rain in Dubai UAE, we always fabricate a water feature into our zen garden designs which provides natural water sound and we focus on keeping the water feature hidden and let the sound create a sense of peace and tranquility. Lastly, the true star of a zen garden is the wooden wind chime which brings balance and harmony to your vibrant zen garden to anyone contemplating them.