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Growing Vertically

Dubai is a vertical growing society and with it are its inhabitants. Since space is limited, Urban Exterior has developed an organic solution for home owners with a green thumb. We have introduced innovative vertical garden modules never used here in Dubai. These vertical garden modules are ideal for indoor home or office use. Gone are the days when you would put bulky planting pots and utilize expense real estate space.The beauty of a vertical garden is that it grows on your walls.

We use common soilless growing mediums which include peat moss mixed with perlite, sand and add fertilizer to provide the plants with essential nutrients. We select plants that grow well in a containerized environment so that the roots adapt well.

The plants we used can be of a mixed variety. You can use chlorophytum comosum to give your vertical garden different tones of greens, the epipremnum species of plants are flowering plant from the family of araceae. These are most commonly known as the money plant all over the world.  We add maranta leuconeura fascinator tricolour to give the vertical garden some multi color tones and again add scindapsus pictus argyraeus which is from the family of epipremnum species. Our final selection of plants is the phlebodium aureum plant which is also known as blue star fern. This fern has elongated fronds with a pleasant green-blue color. It has particularly adapted very well to the constant air- conditioned environment here in the UAE.

The vertical garden modules supplied by Urban Exteriors are unique in adaptability in tight home and office spaces because it does not require an auto irrigation system. Each module is equipped with a water meter which makes watering your plants very convenient. It ensures you don’t over water your plants and saves you money for the installation and maintenance of an auto irrigation system. Vertical Gardens are becoming more common as condominiums and apartment living spaces are becoming smaller. Vertical gardens provide you with some fresh oxygen and creates some soothing views for your interiors.