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Understanding your Landscape Environment

Urban Exterior has been designing and building landscape projects in UAE for over 12 years and has grown organically as this region has grown in the past 12 years. What makes Urban Exteriors different compared to other landscape providers is our philosophy. We believe that no matter what size your project is, your outdoor space is your sanctuary – a place where you would connect to nature, unwind and collect memories.

When selecting a look and feel for your outdoors, the initial brief from our clients sets the tone for the project. Urban Exteriors award-winning team absorbs your thoughts and sets out a plan that is in line with your desired outcome. One key factor in our thought process is the understanding of the climate here in the UAE. We believe any landscape project here in the UAE can only be rated after the first six months.

A newly finished project would look immaculate when it’s just completed. What we want to deliver is how well the materials used will withstand the rough climate of this region. We would be lying if we say, we know it all. It took us years of experimenting with different outdoor materials to finally have a unique understanding of what is required to have your flooring look new, the irrigation lines running properly and the light fixtures electrical points not being damaged by sandstorms. As well as assessing what the most trusted and durable swimming pool equipment is and which wood would be best for outdoor use. In addition, figuring out what maintenance protocol should be followed rigorously to maintain your outdoors to protect your investment. We educate our clients that without a proper and qualified maintenance team, the sustainability of your project will decrease over time.

Urban Exteriors Horticultural team studies the final layout plan and design a sofscape plan in the Schematic design stage that adapts well to shaded areas and use indigenous plants grown at local nurseries to create the desert tropical areas. Water is an expensive commodity here in the UAE. Urban exteriors Horticultural team creates a softscape plan where the consumption of water is controlled.

When it comes to selecting your hardscape you have to keep in mind the salt stains that penetrate certain stones here in the UAE very easily. One of the main hardscape stone used which is more prone to this issue is sandstone tiles. Sandstone is a more cost-effective stone but the durability of these stones is not very good. People usually have them changed after a few years of use as the surface deteriorates rapidly and changing your flooring is a big cost. We advise and educate our clients on what hardscape option would best fit their project.

This knowledge and understanding of landscape in this region is never taught when studying landscaping but it’s learned with the investment of valuable time which bares fruit with experience and Urban Exterior is happy to share this with our valued clients.