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Thatch Roofing

Thatch Gazebo In UAE, We have roughly about 6 months of HOT weather and the local population is always looking of ways to enjoy the outdoors even in the 40 plus degree weather. This lead us to discover Thatch Gazebos made from African Reed. Urban Exterior is a premium provider of African Thatch Reed in GCC region. We carefully select our matured Reed from our farms in South African and have it shipped to the UAE along with our Pressure treated Pinus radiate wood to build our Thatch Roof structures . Thatch Gazebos were born in Africa where cement and steel was expensive and difficult to get. The local African population came up with an innovative way to build their houses with Thatch, which was able to with-stand the extreme weather of the African Region. In time the Thatching ideology was refined to adhere to strict building guidelines implemented in other countries and exported.

The reinvented thatching industry was born. The core benefits of a thatch roof besides it exquisite looks are its practical use. A thatch gazebo is naturally insulated, nice and cool in summer and retaining internal heat during cold winter days. There is no water leaks when your roof is laid out properly by our skilled African professionals who have inherited the art of thatching from a family of Thatchers. Urban Exteriors also builds Thatch roofs structures by using fabricated wood and concrete columns to give your Thatch roof a more modern look.

All our gazebos come with a ten years guarantee and we obtain all necessary approvals from local authorities. Enclosed Thatch Gazebos Once the thatch gazebo is built, our clients always have the option to enclose it so it can be used as a Majils, Gym, or an extension to the house. Bi-folding windows can easily be installed to create a connection to the outdoors in the cool winter months and by enclosing it with a use air-conditioning it can be a perfect outdoor space in the hot summer months.