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Creating your sanctuary story

Mr Mohammad Al Sawadi recently had his Garden landscape done for his house in Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE. He usually wakes up very early in the mornings before the sun has risen for his prayers. After performing his prayers, he spends time in his garden next to the crystal clear water of the Persian Gulf. He loves the subtle sounds preformed by movement of the lush foliage of Cyperus Alternifolius which are strategically planted in a windy corridor along with the Jasminum officinale continuously supplying waves of rich seductive scent rich in aroma.

As the mild sounds of waves and plants combine to create a symphony of nature it transports one away from the urban city life and into a world that’s surrounded by the organic environment.

When designing a softscape plan, we need to create a perfect balance between the surrounding area and the plants. These two elements need to be amalgamated as one harmonious form. The 3 meter tall Date Palm trees which are placed on the Eastern side of the house provide perfect shade and dancing shadows as the Sun peeks through the horizon of the Persian Gulf. The birds start their morning rituals with the seagulls strolling casually along the beach and the resident bird Common Myna (Acridotheres Tristis) contributing to the symphony of sounds.

As these visuals and sounds coalesce with the cluster of attractive plants complementing a healthy lush Green grass surrounded by inviting views and sounds transforming a home into a sanctuary which is vibrant with rich sounds and a sense of well-being. It’s never the resources you have, that create this environment it’s how you use the resources you have that create the environment.

We at Urban Exteriors believe and follow the saying that “Your exterior is truly the reflection of your interior” Lets talk and discuss how we can we create your sanctuary story.