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Jasmine brings serenity to you gardens

If you go searching for a jasmine flower in the day, the truth is you won’t find it. The reason being, a jasmine only shares its beauty of calming scents only at nights.

Not all jasmine plants have flowers that give out scents. The one that does is not really a Jasmine plant, but belongs to the trachelospermum species of plants – specifically called Primrose Jasmine, jasminum mesnyi, jasminum Sambac ,Arabian jasmine and jasminum grandiflorum. It’s not a secret that the fragrance from the Jasmine plant is known to relieve depression and change your mood. In South East Asia, you would always see a connection between jasmine flowers and weddings as this flower is a symbol of love and purity.

The lush green branches of jasmine along with the calming and rejuvenating properties of these shrubs make it a must have for all garden. For a jasmine plant to strive and cultivate well, it has to be planted in areas where there is not constant sunlight. Planting jasmine in windy corridors or close sitting areas is a good idea, as at night your garden looks beautiful with glabrescent leaves producing striking white, sweet aromatic flowers in great abundance in the hot season.

There is a saying, smells are linked to memories and you will never find two separate floral species fragrance that is unerringly equal. The white flowers of jasmine flourish throughout the year and are ideal when planted in clusters of 4 to 7 as these flowers open at night, and close in the morning.

Your horticultural specialist should have separate irrigation watering cycles for them. The soil needs to always be moist especially at night in the summer and humid months. For the winter months the water cycle needs to be reduced accordingly.