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About Urban Exteriors Landscape Company

Urban Exteriors Landscape, we are the leading Dubai based landscape architecture company with great emphasis on perfect deliverance of objective and subjective qualities which formulates the ground in landscape design approach.

Being the Dubai landscape service provider, we offer the unique and innovative ideas in the field. Whatever is your demand? Softscape, Hardscape, Pergola and Gazebo, Fountain and Swimming pool etc, we are here to provide you our excellent landscape designing and architectural skills.

In designing the landscape project we focuses on the landscape planning of property and garden design with inclusion of the practical, aesthetic and environmental elements. Our landscape architect is ranging from all types of structures, no matter small or large with soft or hard resources, and incorporated environmental sustainability.

We are equipped with professional expertise and always focus on our valuable client’s satisfaction, our proficiency in our field render us to create and design the perfect blend of nature and culture.

Urban Exteriors, Thinking process of any landscape project has three elements, the environment, application and approach in order to preserve the existing environment while being creative and complimenting the landscape that surrounds Dubai.

What makes Urban Exterior is one of the leading and best landscaping companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is our Landscape Professionals mould the client vision into a reality before the execution phase of the project which gives the client confidence in Urban Exteriors ability and professionalism on changing the landscapes of the city by applying the best possible approach to achieve the best results.

Urban Exterior Landscape Professionals working mechanism collectively inspires the clients think beyond a certain spectrum. What sets Urban Exterior apart from other landscaping companies in Dubai is experience and skills we have developed over the years at all levels in showcasing some of the best architectural landscape design and our award prove it.

Landscaping architectural is a creation that is not learnt it is developed over time and we are proud to announce the Urban Exterior in Dubai is one of the pioneers and leaders which make us one of the best landscape companies in Dubai.

What makes Urban Exterior one of the leading Landscape Design and Works Company in Dubai is our reputation to deliver projects in a timely and cost effective manner which enables Urban Exterior to purchase the most effective marketing tool globally “Word of Mouth” from satisfied clients all over Dubai over the years and our profile speaks volume.

The Landscape Professionals of urban exterior Landscape portfolio of works include Exquisite African Thatch Gazebos, Bamboo Structures, Bespoke Landscape concepts which include swimming pool Water features, Pergola, Vertical Gardens and design services in Dubai. This makes Urban Exterior a one stop shop landscape company.

Urban Exterior understands the Challenges clients face in the recruitment of a professional Landscape company in Dubai. This is why Urban Exterior Landscape has developed an approach which enables us to study the size of the project and most importantly the budget. Every projects success and failure is dependent on how we allocate the resources available for each project and what the payment cycle is. No matter how much time clients and we can strategies; there is always a 10 to 15 percent variation which Urban Exterior with proper planning and strategic strategies over come repeatedly.

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